We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Klinux Linux Version 2.0

(Best MS-WINDOWS to Linux Immigration System)

A Linux distribution that can be installed within MS-Windows on FAT32 Partition without any formatting, partitioning or changing boot loader


Download ISO image (Ready to be burned into CD-ROM) from here
(571 MB)


See installation guide from here  Install Guide


What's new in Klinux 2.0

1- Booting system

Booting on WinXP and Win2000 by adding Klinux entry to boot.ini

Also you can boot by Floppy Disk or Klinux CD-Rom and for only expert  you can install Grub into MBR and boot Klinux or MS-Windows

2- File system

This new version uses EXT3 FS in Image files (Loopback)

3- Kernel

Two kernels come with this new version kernel 2.4.22  with its source and kernel

4- Adds and Update for some programs

These programs were added

Blender 2.34

K3B 0.11.17

Arson 0.9.8 beta2

Qamoos 0.1

security update from www.slackware.comup to 18-Nov-2004

These programs were updated

 Gaim 1.0, KOffice1.3.4, FireFox 1.0.1 , XPDE5.1 beta & GamBas0.99 RC1

System Features

A  comprehensive Linux system came in 570 MB ISO image ready to burn to one CD-ROM and can be installed from MS-Windows(XP,2000,Me,9x) by few clicks without partitioning , formatting or changing bootloader for your disk.

Imagine after 4 clicks and 20 minutes (without any partitioning ,Format or change bootloader) you can enjoy these excellent programs and services

Office Suite

OpenOffice- 1.1.1  containing Writer Spreadsheet Presentation and Formula with ability to generate PDF files and open and save MS DOC, XLS, PPT etc ... (Oh ! Sorry  ARABIC only No ENGLISH because we couldn't  find how to change to EN interface)

Koffice-1.3.4 containing Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, E-mail-client with ability to open and save (to RTF)  PDF files and open and save MS DOC, XLS, PPT etc ...

Internet Browser

Mozilla 1.6


FireFox 1.0 .1

Opera 0.7.54

E-mail programs

Kmail (part of Koffice 1.3.4)


Download Programs


PDF & PS Reader

Acrobat Reader 5.0.8 reads PDF

KGhostView 0.12.3 reads PDF & PS

Instant messaging programs

Gaim for Yahoo MSN ICQ ,IRC & other protocols

Kopete 0.55 for Yahoo MSN ICQ ,IRC & other protocols

Yahoo messenger 1.0.4 

LiCQ 1.2.7 and GnomeICQ 0.99.3 for ICQ Protocol

Xchat 2.0.10 for IRC Protocol

Skype for telephone calls

Image editing and viewing

Gimp 2.0.2 for image editing

Gqview 1.5.1 beta for all image viewing

also Konqueror  (KDE File manager) can view  images  & thumbnails

OCR Programs

Koka with GOCR Library (English OCR NO Arabic)

CD & DVD burning and ripping  programs

K3B 0.11.17

Arson 0.9.8 beta2

Xcdroast 0.98 alpha15  CD

Sound Editing

Audacity 1.2.0 for edit, record, rip, cut, paste, apply sound effects on sound files and export and import MP3 & OGG files

Multimedia Players

MPlayer 1.0 pre4  with KPlayer 0.5.1

RealOne player play RM ,RAM & RA

Xmms 1.2.8

Xine 0.9.22

Helix player 1.0.0

Dictionary programs

Qamoos 0.1 only from ENGLISH to ARABIC

please help to increase word-list at www.arabeyes.org

Arabic Fonts

Arabeyes.org, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST.EDU.SA) and others nice fonts

View in PDF format


Development programs

GamBas 0.99 RC1 Basic Lang like MS-Visual Basic 6 and even better!

Hbasic 0.9.9o  Basic Lang like MS-Visual Basic 6

GCC 3.2.3 and its associated programs for C,C++ & other langs (We compiled our kernel, gimp 2.0.2 & Koffice 1.3.4 with)

Perl 5.8.0

Simple Games

There are many simple and interesting games (chess & arcades etc ...)

Playstation emulator

ATARI 2600 emulator Stella 1.4_cvs (Games not included)

Video encoders and converters programs

Konverter 0.7 encodes video in Divx 4 etc ...

Menucoder (command line)

Disks and Partitioning programs

QTparted 0.4.4 for format, resize & Partitioning disks including MS-partitions

PartImage (command line as menus) for save and restore disk images including MS-partitions

Archiving programs

 Archiver opens and save ZIP,TAR,GZ,BZ2 & other common formats

System utility programs

kernel chooser

view properties

user folder restore programs

TGZ package installer programs

Increase Loop-back image's areas program

Copy system to native EXT3 partition program


KDE 3.1.4

(XP themes not included)

Gnome 2.4  

XPDE 5.1 Beta and incomplete MS-XP like gui

and  there are many other programs (gui and command line)

Also you can download any not-included-programs like Apache, MySQL, PHP, KDE translations for your local language & others from here



just put the TGZ file in INSTALL folder on Desktop and use install utility to install it by one click !